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Back in December we were asked to build a portable bar that had to meet several strict requirements. We pulled it off in spectacular fashion, at least that’s what the customer said. Image removed.?

First, it had to be portable. This bar was going to be used for several purposes all over the campus and needed to be easily moved. We decided to put it on heavy duty locking casters with rubber wheels. The use of these casters ensured it would both move easily on a wide variety of surfaces and not damage any type floor it should roll across. The brakes made sure it wouldn’t roll when in use. 

Second, since it would be moved all over campus, we needed to build it to fit through all size doors. We made it fit by incorporating side arms that could be lowered for transport or raised during use. This added almost four square feet of usable bar space while allowing the bar to squeeze through narrow spaces. 

Finally, it needed to be glamorous. We achieved its amazing good looks by using a wide variety of materials and marrying them seamlessly. Oak was torched and then glazed to add depth to the stylish bar-top. Wainscoting was used to cover the sides and back then stained a deep mahogany to enhance the appearance; after all, we wanted this bar to have character. Last, but not least, we made the interior counter from solid granite. The granite serves two purposes: 1) it adds style, and 2) it acts as a counter-weight to stabilize the narrow bar. 

This was definitely a unique project that allowed us to both solve problems and create beauty. We are pleased to have delivered a top-notch product that will continue to serve for years to come. Give us a shout if you would like more information about this or other custom work for you home or business!