Tiny Living

What Drives Us?


kitchen When we started building tiny houses this year we quickly realized that every inch of space had to be utilized; if anything served only one purpose we were wasting a valuable opportunity. This was the driving force behind ideas like the rotating hideaway closet in the bedroom and the stairs to the bedroom. The closet rotates under the floor when not in use so you are still able to move around easily. On your way to the bedroom you climb a set of stairs that also serve as seating for the fold-down kitchen table. Small innovations like these are evident all over our tiny homes and when combined with our obsessive dedication to quality truly set our homes apart.

 Our Philosophy

Thinking Outside the Box but Living In It

deckDoes a tiny home have to be confining? We don't think so! That's why we put a lot of thought into all of the outdoor spaces surrounding our homes. A signature part of our first build was this fold-down deck extending from the second floor master bedroom. It adds 16 sq/ft of living space without increasing the length of the home during transit. Along the same lines we decided to place the front entrance deck on the tongue of the trailer, allowing the for a wider entrance platform without adding to the dimensions of the trailer. Innovations like these help keep our homes easily transportable without sacrificing usable space.


How We Build...

If we build something we expect it to last for years and our tiny homes are no different. We start by framing all of our homes to industry standards and to all applicable building codes. Next, we fit double-pane tempered-glass windows and doors for durability and efficiency. Then we trim out by selecting only the best materials and marry them with high-quality hardware. We totally obsess over quality, but quality is nothing without style!


Give It A Tiny Bit of Character

We feel that the atmosphere of your home is just as important as it's size so we look for materials not only of high quality but also ones that look good. Where possible we choose to use reclaimed materials for the look as well as the emotional impact. You can be assured that each of our homes is custom and each has a unique character all its own.